20 Essential Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

To perform everyday tasks more efficiently on your PC , you must know the keyboard shortcuts. Windows 8 is different from Windows 7.  If you know the keyboard shortcuts, you can work faster.   Here’s the 20 essential Windows 8 keyboard Shortcuts : Windows + C : Displays Charms Bar. Windows + I : Displays

How to make bootable Pendrive/DVD of Windows 8

Booting with Pen drive is easy to boot than with DVD. In this post, I am going to teach you “How to make bootable Pendrive/DVD of Windows 8″ from ISO file. Here’s how : Download Windows 7 USB tool from Microsoft Store. Install it on your PC. Run it as Administrator. Select your ISO file

Update 1 for Windows 8.1 Is Coming Soon

Is Windows 8.1 is changing its interface? Yes, Once again Microsoft is planning to change windows 8.1 start screen interface with its Windows 8.1 Update 1. The reason is to improve the OS for Keyboard and Mouse users. The update 1 bringing many changes that include Directly boot to desktop, bypassing the start screen. Close

How To Use Keyboard As Mouse In Windows

Windows has an Inbuilt feature called Mouse Keys, I think not much people are aware of it but now you are. Why Today I am posting about this is Just because, Recently I had faced some problems with my Mouse drivers, due to this I was not able to use my Mouse. I tried every

Microsoft Renaming Its Skydrive to Onedrive

Microsoft is going to rename it’s Skydrive to Onedrive. Microsoft has registered Onedrive.com and it announces a new name in a promotional video on Youtube. Microsoft says that it choose the name Onedrive because the cloud storage should be the one place to store all of your pictures, videos, documents and files. There is no any

Funny School Guys – Video

The Students in this video Performed well. They are very very Funny… School Guys Rockz… Enjoy the Video… Share this...

Transfer Files Wirelessly From Laptop To Android And Vice Versa

Many Applications are available in the Google Playstore to transfer files from Laptop to Android Wirelessly. But, These Apps require Wifi Router. I searched a lot, to find the best App. Atlast, I found it. Airdroid – The best App to Control your Android Device wirelessly. It is a free and fast app. It helps to

How To Download Complete Website And View It Offline

Downloading a Complete website is not an easything. But, we hava a solution to do it easily. There’s a small software called Httrack. It will download complete website and provides to read it or to use it. Here’s steps to do it : 1. Download Httrack and install it on your PC. 2. Open it. 3.

Unlock Your Pattern Lock Or Password Without Internet Connection In Android

Android is a very popular mobile OS. For security purpose users locking their devices with Pattern lock or Password. Sometimes users may forget their pattern lock, then the device will not unlock without swiping pattern. Google providing a chance to recover your pattern lock or password with Gmail, if your mobile is connected to Internet. In

Disabling startup programs in Windows

Startup programs are the programs which are automatically start’s while loading windows. Normally these programs will slow down the computer and causes irritation to users while starting windows. Here, we are posting about disabling  startup programs in windows 8, windows 7 and windows xp. In Windows 8 1. Open Task manager. 2. Click “Startup” tab.