2015 will have an extra Second on June 30

An extra second is added to June 30, 2015 by The International Earth Rotation Services, which maintains global time standards in order to sync atomic clock time to the Earth’s rotation. This ‘Leap Second’ may cause computer systems to get confused,crash and it would be a bit of problem to Internet.


In 2012, LinkedIn, Mozilla, StumbleUpon and Foursquare all reported crashed systems when a leap second was added. This is the 26th leap second that the International Earth Rotation Service has added since 1972.

Websites are expected to crash as well as this year, because the Network Time Protocol — which keeps machines in sync with the atomic time — that most computing systems cannot compute two same seconds in a row. When the NTP sees an extra second added it gets confused and crashes.

To avoid crashes, Google developed a special technique called “Leap Smear” that gradually adds milliseconds to its system clocks in anticipation to the leap second, reported the Telegraph. When the leap second arrives, the system is all caught up in time and it doesn’t crashes.

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