Author: Ganesh Munisifreddy

Disable Recycle Bin 0

How to Disable Recycle Bin in Windows 10

By default, whenever you delete a file/folder in Windows, those files will move to the Recycle Bin. To delete those files permanently you have to empty the Recycle Bin by right clicking on “Recycle Bin”...

Whatsapp 0

Whatsapp is now completely free for lifetime

Whatsapp, which has nearly 1 Billion monthly active users, is now completely free app as the $1 annual subscription fee has been dropped. Even better, it won’t start showing ads to users, according to whatsapp’s...

Dual Whatsapp 0

How to Install Dual Whatsapp on Android Phone

Whatsapp doesn’t allow its users to use Multiple Accounts. So, generally we can manage only one Whatsapp account in our android phones. To run another whatsapp account, people started using Android emulators like Bluestacks on...